TDG Certification Training

A comprehensive online Transportation of Dangerous Goods video course that takes you through the regulations of transporting dangerous goods on the roads. Continually updated to meet the changing needs of industry and backed by Trailwalk Holdings LTD, a Safety Training Company in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

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What is TDG?

TDG stands for transportation of Dangerous Goods, and is required if you will be transporting goods that are hazardous or dangerous on Canadian roads. Online training covers the rules around transporting dangerous goods and how to comply with the regulations. 

After you have finished training in TDG you should be able to:

  • Understand your rights and responsibilities if you are the Shipper, Driver or Receiver of dangerous goods.
  • Be familiar with the 9 different classes of Dangerous Goods and their Packing Groups.
  • Understand what needs to appear on documentation when transporting dangerous goods.
  • Understand how the placarding system works and where they must be placed.
  • What types of containers must be used to ship Dangerous Goods in.
  • Understand what emergency actions need to be done in case of an accident, theft or spill of dangerous goods. 
  • Average Time: 60 Minutes
  • Certificate: Printable & Emailed
  • Letter of Course Endorsement
  • Unlimited Exam Attempts
  • Anytime, Anywhere, Any device
  • Permanent Record of Learning
  • Group Management Tools*
  • Email Support*

Group Management Tools are used to Manage Group Accounts with Group Leaders. These are for organisations that need more hands on reporting. Support is during regular business hours on EST time zone.

TDG Course Outline

1. Introduction

In this overview of TDG we cover the basics of what is needed on the road as well as an overview of the online training. As well we also talk about different responsibilities of Shippers, Handlers, and Carriers.

2. Classification

Who is responsible for making sure dangerous good are correctly labeled and what information is needed on shipping documents. Also an overview of the 9 different classes of dangerous goods.

3. Documentation

No driver should accept a shipment unless the shipping documents are correct. We also look at how shipping documents need to be handled and how long they need to be kept for.

4. Safety Mark

Safety Marks are the first line of information to people handling dangerous goods, but also to first responders who are at an accident. We look at what information they show, and where they need to be placed.

5. Containers

Containers that are used for transporting dangerous goods have been tested. In this section we look at the many different types of containers used to ship dangerous goods.

6. Emergency Actions

This section goes over what you need to do when you have an accident when transporting dangerous goods. Who you report to depends on the type of dangerous goods you are transporting and how much.


During online training, participants will be assessed by end of lesson quizzes. These quizzes are designed to test understanding of the material, and usually reference key concepts as well as how this training relates to personal work environments. 

End of Course tests assess and encompass the scope of the entire course, and is meant as a means to determine understanding of content. Completing these assessments will earn a course certification be awarded to the account. 

All courses, lessons, topics and quizzes have been designed to take best practices into account. From Distraction Free Learning Environments to Ease of Use, MyLMS is an industry standard and leader when it comes to online learning solutions.


Certification is instant with Once you complete all the course requirements and pass the final assessment, then you will be able to print your Certificate right away. For your records, a PDF copy will also be emailed to you.

This way you will always have a copy with you. If you loose either copy you can always come back here and reprint your Certificate!

FAQ - General

Absolutely we are! Not only do we have Certified Trainers that we have partnered with, but we also have a team of fully licensed educators with over 30 years of combined experience

Typically we work with small to medium sized businesses offering them hosted solutions or branded portals to their Learning Management needs. However, we do also help out individuals. If you are interested in taking a course or two, send an email. We’d love to hear from you.

Once we come to an agreement, we then have several ways we can on-board your team. We can register them and send out usernames and passwords, or we can let them register. Which ever is easier for you. Either way, users will be enrolled into the training courses you want right away and can start right away, from anywhere, at anytime of the day, and on any  device they own.

Actually, according to Workplace Standards, branded or company / site specific training courses are preferred as the learner gets training on policies and procedures specific to those locations. At MyLMS we can create those courses easily and have them added to your employees courses. Simply tell us what you want!

Trusted and Recognized Certification

All courses on are backed by Trailwalk Holdings LTD of Halifax, Nova Scotia,  and have been created by Professional and Qualified Instructors.

Any Time

Get your training anytime, start to finish. Online learning is the new modern way to train employees.


Here or there and anywhere in between. Our platform offers complete responsiveness no matter the device you use.


No need to worry if you don't make the grade the first time around. Try again until you succeed, because failure sometimes happens.

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