Transporting dangerous products to and from the work site is serious business. This course covers everything you need.

WHMIS 2015

Make sure your employees know how to properly handle the materials they work with on a daily basis.

ARC Flash

When dealing with high voltage, one mistake can have lasting effects that happen faster than you can blink. Be in the know.

Lock Out Tag Out

Plain and simple, LOTO saves lives. When machines we rely on stop working, help prevent others from getting hurt.

Electrical Safety

Electrical injuries are no joke and happen more often than you think. Simple precautions can help keep everyone safe.

Ladder Safety

The higher employees work, the further they have to fall. Let’s help reduce the risk of falls by providing some safety tips.

Safety Orientation

WHMIS, Electrical Safety, Lock Out Tag Out and more. This video course touches on just the basics of 10 different safety areas.

Accident Investigation (coming soon)

Learn the skills necessary to responsibly discover the reasons why a workplace accident happened.