Arc Flash
Online Certificate Training

When dealing with electricity, it can all be over in the blink of an eye. We depend on it more and more each day, and the dangers are very real. Earn your Arc Flash Certificate in about an hour with our in-depth online training.

What is an Arc Flash and what training is needed?

An Arc Flash occurs when a massive amount of potential energy is built up within a system and has no way of dispersing. Most commonly, a worker will accidentally trigger an Arc Flash and in the process severely injure themselves or, in the worst case, die from exposure. 

Our comprehensive online training will help you in identifying potential hazards within the workplace and how to keep yourself and others safe when working with high voltage. 

After you have finished your training, you should know:

  • What an Arc Flash is and how to prevent one.
  • Various Arc Flash injuries and their severity. 
  • The codes and standards that govern work policy when working with High Voltage electricity.
  • The protective equipment or PPE that you need to wear when working around or with high voltage. 
  • The preventative measures you should take to limit your exposure when working with electricity.

*Group Management Tools are used to Manage Group Accounts with Group Leaders. These are for organizations that need more hands-on reporting. Support is during regular business hours (EST time zone.)


During online training, participants will be assessed by end-of-lesson quizzes. These quizzes are designed to test understanding of the material, and usually reference key concepts as well as how this training relates to personal work environments. 

End-of-course tests assess and encompass the scope of the entire course, and are meant as a means to determine understanding of content. By completing these assessments, a course certification will be awarded to the account. 

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