Workplace Labels

Workplace labels are a simplified version of a supplier label and may be used when hazardous materials are made in the workplace, or when hazardous materials are poured from the original container into another container. The employer is responsible for affixing workplace labels to these containers. This label does not require hazard pictograms or signal word.

Workplace Labels must be present on hazardous products in the following situations: Workplace Labels must contain:
For products produced onsite. Product Identifier (usually product name.)
To replace labels that have been lost or damaged during transport.
When a worker's first language is not English or French. Statement that the SDS is available.
When the product is transferred from one container to another. Information for the safe handling of the product.

NEVER USE UNLABELED MATERIAL. Never assume you know what it is. Ask your supervisor to identify the contents and create a workplace label before using the product.

Sample of a Workplace Label