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Never worry about what is or isn’t getting done. Sit back and follow along with customized reporting.


Create a plan that fits your needs by selecting courses you need or have custom courses created.


Cloud-based servers expand with your growing needs. Start small, see the value; then scale up.


From start to finish, follow each employee’s progress. Define your groups, and go.


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MyLMS uses cutting edge technologies to deliver critical information and training to your workforce, when and where they need it. With our library of ready-to-go training courses, our developers with degrees in the education field, deliver a seamless experience. Use MyLMS for safety training, sales training, pre-screening job applicants, policy and procedure training and anything else you’d like.


WHMIS 2015

The workplace is no place for employees that don’t know how to properly handle the materials they work with on a daily basis.


Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Transporting dangerous products to and from the work site is serious business. This course covers everything you need.

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If after the 30 day demo trial period you wish to continue, you will be billed for the training your employees have already taken. If you choose not to proceed, your training history will be removed from the system.

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